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Recipe: The Very Best Sugar Cookies

About a week before Christmas, it hit me. The Christmas baking bug. An annual occurrence, it's usually met with the outright hostility of my father and the semi-relief of my mother. Anyone, who has had the misfortune to meet my favour will agree: he is the most unreasonable person you will ever meet. His general awfulness reaches an all-time head when I am in the house and wanting to use the kitchen. When I was younger, I spent a lot of time hungry because a) He will not cook and; b) Will not - willingly - allow me to either.

However, I have grown part of a spine since then. I am so very used to being shouted  and told that I'm useless on a daily basis whilst residing at home, that I ignored him. As I do on every occasion. I ignored him and set upon my baking frenzy, drowning out the sporadic terms of abuse with the electric mixer and Christmas films.

Out of outright defiance, my natural instinct was to proceed in making the messiest and most time-consuming baked good first. Christmas cookies. But not just any Christmas cookies. Sugar cookies. More precisely, the best cookies I've made. The recipe I fall back on - with a variety of twists - whenever I'm asked to make either biscuits or cookies.

Before I start, let me warn you that this recipe will produce a LOT of cookies. See this picture?

image from

That's only 75% of the batch.

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