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Recipe: Leftover Muffin Pudding

If there’s a downside to baking all of your own bread, cakes and muffins etc, then it is certainly the potential for waste. As I share a two bedroom flat with only one other person and I bake almost everyday, there’s usually a selection of items hanging around at any one time. Generally, I use a fair bit up by taking it to work with me, but even so, there’s often a few things left.

Last Sunday, I baked a small batch of strawberry muffins. Only eight, but homebaked muffins are best eaten fresh (i.e. on the day of baking) or they go a bit dry. By last night, there were four left in my cake tin and I thought I would get creative. 

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London, Oh London!

Well, here I am: a Londoner, at last.

I’ve moved, unpacked and started my first graduate job in Central London. The transition has been quite something and I’m still a little overwhelmed by everything if I’m honest. For the first time since leaving school, my life has a regular rhythm, schedule and commitments. At University, things changed very frequently and my timetable was largely of my own devising and highly variable as a result. Now, with work, I have a regular wake up time and day-to-day pattern. It makes things a lot easier for me.

All in all - despite minor clashes with my flatmates habits - I’m really happy with where I’m living….


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