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Socks on Saturday

As we're getting ever closer to Christmas, my project pile is spiralling woefully out of control. This, invariably, seems to happen every single year. As socks tend to be the knitted gift request of choice from my family members and friends, I nearly always have an out of control selection of sock projects on the go. At the moment, I'm working on four pairs alongside my bigger knitting/crochet projects (a Christmas jumper, a cardigan, a sock yarn blanket and two crochet blankets). Progress is a little slower than earlier this year due to job changes, and my decision to switch back to mainly top down sock pattens on DPNs, after a period spent working toe ups using the magic loop method on circular needles. It takes a little while to get back up to speed I think! Admittedly, I have also been focusing more on the Christmas jumper for the last couple of weeks as, unlike last year, I'd actually like to have a homemade one ready before Christmas Day!

But anyway, here are my hugely colourful and 'typically me' socky WIPs.... 

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