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Ta Dah! Neon Beach Socks

The Neon Beach Socks are finished! 

I managed to knit up the toe in my lunch break at work on Thursday and they've now been washed, blocked and are ready to wear...

image from farm2.staticflickr.com

Yarn: Regia Fluormania in 'Neon Beach' 

(N.B - I only have one ball of this yarn range left now but don't worry, it's not being used any time soon - I'm all 'neoned' out for the time being) 

 I'm very pleased with how they've turned out and I love the effect that the pattern provides. It really 'pops': the slipped stitch ridges give an interesting textured contrast to the bright yarn. I'm extra proud, as the pattern is of my design, which I'll be writing up and posting soon.

image from farm2.staticflickr.com

As I knitted from the top down on DPNs, I opted for a standard 'french' heel and used 'heel stitch' to match the slipped stitch pattern on the rest of the sock. Hasn't it worked well? 

image from farm2.staticflickr.com

image from farm2.staticflickr.com

And now? 

I have a week to finish a pair of birthday socks for my Mum. 

The cardigan has been put to one side, and the game is on. 

Wish me luck?


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