Weekly Happiness: #5
Ta Dah! Little Hoodlum #2

Ta Dah! Little Hoodlum #1

Another finished object, which again, isn't a pair of socks! I'm so pleased with this hoodie, which has been knitted for my cousin's baby son. 

The pattern is Little Hoodlum by Julia Sandfield.

image from farm2.staticflickr.com

The lovely vivid and squishy yarn I've used is Radiance Aran, which was dyed by Sarah at Babylonglegs.  

The trim on the hem, sleeves and hood is the 'Last Straw' colourway. The main body is called - rather appropriately - 'Treehugger'.

image from farm2.staticflickr.com

At the moment, baby is 3 days overdue. We're all rather hoping he'll make an appearance this weekend. Although this is slightly bigger than newborn size - my gauge was ever so slightly off - it may well end up fitting a chunky late arrival!

By my estimation, this would probably fit a child up to six months old. 
image from farm2.staticflickr.com

When it comes to baby clothing, I always feel it is such a shame that so many feel the need to stick to muted and traditionally gendered colours. My attitude, as with so much else (home decor, food, photographs...) is 'the brighter the better'.

image from farm2.staticflickr.com

I think that's worked out really well here. 

So well, in fact, I immediately cast on a second in a different colourway. After seeing me work on this at lunchtimes, one of my colleagues fell in love with it and paid me to knit a slightly larger one for her friend's baby.  

What are you working on this weekend? 

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