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Ta Dah! Chance of Snow Cardigan

Yarn Along: Moving On

Once again, life has been flying past me. This time, I guess I've got a better excuse than most as I'm preparing to move from one apartment to another. I'm staying in the same area, but the whole business of house-hunting has been filling every spare moment that I've not been at work for the last few weeks. Thankfully, we found somewhere today and are just waiting for the tenancy agreement to be drawn up. I can't wait to have it all over and done with!

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I must admit that knitting has been taking a (very rare) sideline lately. Along with the moving business, I've started dating a couple of people so my usual knitting nights in haven't had the chance to happen. Nonetheless, I do have a few things to show off! Above, you can see my latest sock yarn purchases from The Mothy & The Squid. At the top we have 'Variagated Rainbow' and 'Rainbow Brite' (self-striping). At the bottom is 'Industrial Accident' followed by 'Summer Skies Sparkle Rainbow Brite'.

Aren't they fun? I guess you could say that they're a 'reward', as on Sunday I finished knitting the Chance of Snow cardigan that I've been working on (on and off) since September. As you will see when I post pictures later in the week, it was knit entirely in Cascade Eco wool (i.e. a taupe undyed yarn) - a very unusual choice for me, admittedly - so rainbow sock yarn was irresistible despite I have so much stashed already. 

It's only now I have time to breathe and think, that I'm realising how much I've been missing my sock knitting. Usually in my spare moments, you can't separate me from the sock I'm working on. So I'm rectifying that right now...

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Most people will recognise what is behind this colour combination. That's right - they're Gryffindor socks. If I've not said so before, I am a big Harry Potter fan. Through the character of Dobby, socks are quite a key theme in his relationship with Harry. Whilst I was listening to the audiobooks to help me sleep just after Christmas, the brilliant idea of Hogwarts House themed knitted socks hit me. I asked Twisted Limone (who has provided me with excellent custom self-striping yarn in the past) to dye me up a couple of balls...

As you can see with the Slytherin yarn too, she's done an excellent job...

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Before I go, there's one other thing I must mention to you: I've been bitten with a reading bug. Just at the time I was starting to become mildly concerned with how much I was fixating on reading non-fiction, along comes Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. 

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Rather oddly, these were a recommendation from my Mother. Usually I'm the one to recommend her books and bemoan her lack of speed in demolishing a series, but this time she beat me to it because of her spare time between freelance contracts. I've finished book 1, and I'm now onto the second in the series called 'Dragonfly in Amber'.

I'm completely immersed in Jamie and Claire's world right now. In order to balance that with my craving for knitting, I've resorted to extreme measures: I am knitting along to the audiobook... 



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