Christmas is Coming - so the Wanderer returns...
Yarn Along: O Come All Ye Faithful

Yarn Along: 'Tis the Season

Oh, how I love being curled up with a steaming mug of Mulled Cider at this time of year...

Festive Feeling

Over the last week, I've spent almost every night curled up in my favourite chair with (as ever) my sock knitting and a hot drink in my lovely new festive Emma Bridgewater mug

As my last post shows, I treated myself to the Opal sock yarn Advent Calendar this year - and have since fallen headfirst into a bit of a bear-trap. Instead of working on finishing the socks I've intended as part of my Mother's and Boyfriend's Christmas presents, I've spent the week on a one-woman mission to knit up each day's 15g mini skein that has appeared from the Advent Calendar.

The good news? I've finished one pair of Advent Calendar socks. 

The bad? Mum has one and a half socks, and Mark has less than half of one sock; mainly because he hasn't let me measure his foot for the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. 

And you know what's worse? I've got to make a pair for my sister as well, and at this point, I've not even chosen which yarn to use.

I guess I have the excuse that Christmas is still three weeks away - and I've proven I can easily knit a pair in six days - I really do need to get cracking. I was so very proud last year that I finished most of my Christmas knitting in plenty of time (with one exception. D'oh).

Admittedly, by 'plenty of time' I mean I finished six days before Christmas. By my current reckoning, I think it's still going to be possible to finish everything. It kind of gives me some hope that there are others in worse positions with their Christmas knitting than I am. But even so, I should really get a move on and it looks like putting the scrappy Advent sock knitting on standby and go back to knitting the balls up at a later date. That does sort of kill the charm of the whole thing for me though. 

It should go without saying that my reading has taken a bit of a back seat to the Calendar socks. When they have left my hands, it is usually when I'm in bed, trying to get to sleep. After finishing Voyager, the third book in the Outlander series, I've been inching myself into reading the Sherlock Holmes stories in anticipation of the new series of Sherlock coming out in the New Year. I have been meaning to read them for years, and I purchased The Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes for my Kindle a while ago (a good call, as the book has over 1000 pages). To be quite honest, I've probably only read five pages and I think it's going to be a long term commitment sort of read. Not that Conan Doyle is hard to read. Quite the opposite really. 

Today, I succumbed to buying Dickens at Christmas, which is a beautiful hardback compendium of Charles Dickens' festive writing, to read over the holidays. I absolutely adore Dickens; I've been saying to myself for a long time that I need to read more than just A Christmas CarolOliver Twist and Great Expectations. I am hoping, in 2017, that I can put some time aside to read all of the classic books I've pledged to read but never managed to.  

Has anyone got any tips on how to keep motivated in reading classic literature? Quite often, I start something and get halfway through it before it abandoning it for something more lightweight. I put this down to the fact I work full time and dipping in/out of something classic is much harder than with something like the Outlander books....


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