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Knit Happens #2

Knit Happens #1

In light of my last post, I thought it would be a good idea to create a weekly project share opportunity. The aim is to bring a little bit of cheer, inspiration and something to look forward to each week when the world around us may not be as easy to deal with as we'd like. So, from this point on, each Friday I will be hosting a link up for crafters to share their current or recently finished projects with others. All you need to do, is add a link to the post through the widget below. 


~ Sometimes in life 'Shit Happens' whether we like it or not. For me, crafting - particularly knitting and crochet - helps to keep me grounded and serves as a distraction from whatever is going on in other areas of my life and the world in general. Crafting is stimulating yet soothing act, and I love how the core simplicity of a project juxtaposes with endless possibilities in creating ~

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I've just started my first Westknits project, a Building Blocks shawl, using four wonderfully vibrant skeins of yarn I treated myself to from Easyknits. I'm really enjoying the variety of techniques and the unique construction. If you're interested in the yarn shades etc, my Ravelry project page is here :-)

This new project has also given me the chance to use my new yarn bowl for the first time, but - as you can see from the picture - this hasn't really helped in curing my 4 month old kitten's fascination with moving yarn. Don't even get me started on how difficult it was to wind those four yarn cakes with Oscar around! 

What have you been making this week?


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