Knit Happens #1
Ta Dah! Summer Stripes

Knit Happens #2

~ Sometimes in life 'Shit Happens' whether we like it or not. For me, crafting - particularly knitting and crochet - helps to keep me grounded and serves as a distraction from whatever is going on in other areas of my life and the world in general. Crafting is stimulating yet soothing act, and I love how the core simplicity of a project juxtaposes with endless possibilities in creating ~


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Top (Left to Right): Pixel Rise socks | Mum's Birthday Socks

Bottom (Left to Right): Building Blocks Shawl | Brioche Cowl

Happy Friday everyone! 

Goodness, this week has just flown by! It feels like I've barely had a moment to myself as work has been utterly manic. When I have found time to sit down and relax over the last few days, I mostly spent it trying to figure out Brioche knitting and ended up starting a Brioche Cowl as part of that (see above). It took me faaaaaaar longer than I thought it would. I've heard it said many times that it is harder than it looks at first and, boy, did that turn out to be true. I've cracked it now - as you can see in one of the pictures above - and it's much easier now I've got going but still requires a fair old bit of concentration.  I have Nancy Marchant's Knitting Brioche book to thank for helping me to eventually figure it out. I really recommend it for anyone thinking of trying brioche - trust me when I say it's better than anything you'll find online and worth the investment for the frustration it will save you! 

Whilst I was figuring out brioche, it would periodically annoy me to the point I'd put it down for a few hours and work on other more straightforward things. In the above picture, from top left: there's some Pixel Rise socks I started last week, my Mum's Birthday Socks that I should  have finished before her birthday back in February (huge fail there, but she's used to my second sock syndrome kicking in and late socks...), and the Building Blocks Shawl which was responsible for inspiring me go to off on a tangent and teach myself brioche in the first place. I'm hoping to focus on the shawl over the weekend and finish Part 2 of the pattern.

What have you been working on this week?


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