New Beginnings for New Year

Each knitter, I believe,  has a favourite project type - whether it be hats, shawls or something else. It should be pretty clear (understatement much?) by now, that I've got a slight obsession with knitting socks. At any one time, I've got at least two pairs in progress and to be quite honest, it's usually more than that. With a sock knitting addiction, there comes a desire to stash sock yarn in stockpile type fashion. Basically, I have a lot of sock yarn; scraps from completed pairs, mini skeins to make squares for my Mitred Sock Yarn Blanket and full skeins to knit fresh pairs with. I am never going to run out: weak as I am, I also buy more yarn all the time so my supply is quite endless.


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Best Nine Projects of 2015

I suspect most of you are lolling about and trying to recover from the madness and calorific intensity of Christmas. I know I am, although I am currently preparing what is hopefully the last Turkey dinner of 2015. Although I'd love to share with you the wonderful festive food I've been enjoying, I can't face that right now - particularly as my temper is fraying from peeling and preparing yet more vegetables - so it will have to wait for another day!

Instead, I'm sharing my Best Nine Projects of 2015, which currently trending amongst the crafters I follow on Instagram as #2015BestNine. As you can see, I'm not exaggerating when I say that I love bright colours... 

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