Yarn Along: Moving On

Once again, life has been flying past me. This time, I guess I've got a better excuse than most as I'm preparing to move from one apartment to another. I'm staying in the same area, but the whole business of house-hunting has been filling every spare moment that I've not been at work for the last few weeks. Thankfully, we found somewhere today and are just waiting for the tenancy agreement to be drawn up. I can't wait to have it all over and done with!

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WIP Wednesday: Little & Large

After the madness of knitting a pair of socks from scratch last week, I'm winding down this week by splitting my time over three different projects.

First up is my Chance of Snow cardigan, which has grown quite considerably from my last update. As you can see, I've now finished the body of the garment with just the pockets and sleeves left to work.

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As I'm quite tall, I've also added a considerable amount of extra length to the body so that I can be sure it will reach my hips. Most shop-bought tops/tees run too short. I kept trying it on whilst I was knitting, so I'm certain it's just right. 

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Ta Dah! Neon Beach Socks

The Neon Beach Socks are finished! 

I managed to knit up the toe in my lunch break at work on Thursday and they've now been washed, blocked and are ready to wear...

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Yarn: Regia Fluormania in 'Neon Beach' 

(N.B - I only have one ball of this yarn range left now but don't worry, it's not being used any time soon - I'm all 'neoned' out for the time being) 

 I'm very pleased with how they've turned out and I love the effect that the pattern provides. It really 'pops': the slipped stitch ridges give an interesting textured contrast to the bright yarn. I'm extra proud, as the pattern is of my design, which I'll be writing up and posting soon.

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WIP Wednesday: Neon Beach Socks

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I've plunged right back into another sock project and they're quite the contrast to my Holiday Socks!

There's also a bit of a difference this time, in that I've come up with the slipped stitch pattern myself. It's super easy to remember (great car/movie knitting) I look forward to writing it up and sharing that with you at a later date.

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Ta Dah! Crackle Socks

I was hoping to post this last night, but unfortunately I had a bit of an accident in the Kitchen where I managed to take a slice out of the ring finger of my right hand. Due to the number tiny blood vessels we have in our fingers, I then had to spend most of the night trying to get it stop bleeding by applying pressure to it. It stopped eventually, although it does start to bleed again when I change the dressing, but I wasn't able to take photos or type last night. Probably a good thing to be honest, as I much prefer to take pictures of my knitting using natural light...

So guess what? The Crackle Socks are finished. They've been washed, blocked and are ready to be sent to their recipient...

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Best Nine Projects of 2015

I suspect most of you are lolling about and trying to recover from the madness and calorific intensity of Christmas. I know I am, although I am currently preparing what is hopefully the last Turkey dinner of 2015. Although I'd love to share with you the wonderful festive food I've been enjoying, I can't face that right now - particularly as my temper is fraying from peeling and preparing yet more vegetables - so it will have to wait for another day!

Instead, I'm sharing my Best Nine Projects of 2015, which currently trending amongst the crafters I follow on Instagram as #2015BestNine. As you can see, I'm not exaggerating when I say that I love bright colours... 

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