Ta Dah!

Ta Dah! Christmas Eve Socks of 2016

In the world of Knitters on Instagram, casting on a new pair of socks on Christmas Eve has become a bit of tradition thanks to Dani over at Little Bobbins. I admit I was quite behind the times, as 2016 was my first time participating and was precipitated by my sister feeling left out of my annual 'Christmas Socks' for Mum and I.

Appropriately enough, I managed to finish them on New Years Eve so this is my very last pair of 2016, in my very first post of 2017!

image from flic.kr

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2016: A Year in Projects

As the New Year approaches, I am sat in my favourite chair in the Living Room with a glass of prosecco and some nibbles. Next to me, are the pair of socks I cast on for my sister on Christmas Eve and which I am just about to finish. Whilst I won't be able to include this final item in time for midnight, I thought that I would post a round up of some of the projects I completed in 2016....

(If you would like to find out more about any of them, clicking on the links below the collages - working a row at a time, from left to right - will take you to the Ravelry project page.)

image from flic.kr

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Ta Dah! Potter Socks

Big apologies for my blogging absence over the last couple of months. As I touched on in my previous post, I've been going through a really tough time recently and have cut myself off from everything apart from my job. At some point, I expect I will be able to discuss this openly but for now I am focusing on becoming myself again.

It's not all bad, though. Although I fully admit that my crafting output has dwindled lately, I've started a few projects and finished several pairs of socks - all of which I'm aching to share with you all!

As the script for Harry Potter & the Cursed Child was released yesterday to coincide with J.K. Rowling and Harry's birthdays, I figured these should be first up!

Say hi to these gorgeously stripy, Hogwarts House themed Potter Socks!!! 

image from c7.staticflickr.com

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Ta Dah! Chance of Snow Cardigan

Although I've been knitting for as long as I remember, adult garments are a type of project I rarely embark on. There are two reasons for this: 1) I've always been a bit nervous about fit and; 2) I really, really hate the tedium of sewing things together. I can, therefore, count the number of adult sized sweaters/cardigans I've made on my hands. A couple of years ago, however, I came across seamless designs:  garments made without seams, meaning very little sewing is involved.

The cardigan you can see below was knitted, by large, "all in one". The only stitching was on the pockets & general weaving in between yarn skeins.  I am thrilled with the result! 

image from farm2.staticflickr.com

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Ta Dah! Little Hoodlum #2

Wow. It feels good to stop and sit down here for a breather. Life has become unexpectedly hectic over the last two weeks, as I've forced myself out of my usual comfort zone to start dating and explore more social interactions. It's been great fun, but with work and general day-to-day tasks as well, I've barely had time to pick up my knitting let alone contemplate writing a blog post. I'm lucky today though, I have the whole week off work and I do have a little something to show you. 

It's not very exciting, but as I mentioned in my last post, my colleague fell in love with the Little Hoodlum I made for my cousin's newborn and asked me to knit a similar one for her friend's baby son. 

Which I did...

image from farm2.staticflickr.com

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Ta Dah! Neon Beach Socks

The Neon Beach Socks are finished! 

I managed to knit up the toe in my lunch break at work on Thursday and they've now been washed, blocked and are ready to wear...

image from farm2.staticflickr.com

Yarn: Regia Fluormania in 'Neon Beach' 

(N.B - I only have one ball of this yarn range left now but don't worry, it's not being used any time soon - I'm all 'neoned' out for the time being) 

 I'm very pleased with how they've turned out and I love the effect that the pattern provides. It really 'pops': the slipped stitch ridges give an interesting textured contrast to the bright yarn. I'm extra proud, as the pattern is of my design, which I'll be writing up and posting soon.

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