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WIP Wednesday: Routine

Happy hump day. Or not, as the case may be. 

It seems to be getting colder each day here in London, so I am still firmly in hibernation mode. Things at work are still manic, and I'm still suffering from severe fatigue due to anaemia, so it really doesn't bother me at all that my nights are being spent with Netflix and my knitting or a duvet and a book. I do really miss my Diet Coke though, and I may have caved into some cans that I had leftover last weekend. That could explain why I feel so bad now. Oops...

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WIP Wednesday: Back to Normality

Wow, the first full week back at work has been a bit of a shock to the system! Not just because I've been laid around at my leisure throughout the holidays, but because I've also decided to stop drinking Diet Coke. I've gone from drinking at least a litre a day, which was to help cope with the fatigue brought on by chronic anaemia, to absolutely zilch. Let me tell you, the withdrawal symptoms have been horrendous - a bit like being hungover, but for days instead of hours. Yuck! 

It's unsurprising that my crafting productivity has taken a bit of a hit this week. Instead, I've found myself curled up in bed with my Kindle most nights...

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Weekly Happiness: #2

Oooh, welcome to my first post of 2016! 

While I'd love to say that it is filled with loads of exciting things I've been up to over the last three days, my life sadly isn't that exciting. For me, the first three days of 2016 have been dedicated to a lovely slow wind down in anticipation of my return to work on Monday. Keeping with that theme, in this post I've included some of the favourite moments from my Christmas holiday along with the blog posts and articles that have caught my attention whilst I've been spreadeagled on the sofa in a festive food coma.... 

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  1. My friend Alex took me on 'behind the scenes' tour of Lincoln Cathedral | 2. One of our Christmas Day dishes was a Roast Cockerel, which played second fiddle to a Beef Wellington. | 3. I made Nigella's Coca Cola Ham for the first time - and I was lucky enough to receive a like & comment from her over on Instagram! | 4. My mother's poinsettia, in full bloom, was a glorious addition to the Christmas decorations. | 5. I managed to get Eddie, my fat ginger Maine Coon, to pose in a Santa hat. It didn't last long, as you may be able to tell from his expression! | 6. Playing around with my prime lens, I really loved this bokeh shot I took of the Christmas tree lights. 

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WIP Wednesday: Getting Festive

I love this time of year: the point where Christmas is everywhere, but still sufficiently far away that things haven't gotten too manic. The parties have just started to happen. Christmas cards are arriving. But Christmas is still over two weeks away, and the holiday wind down hasn't begun. For the most part, almost everyone is still stuck within their daily routine and are going about their ordinary business with the odd festive necessity like Christmas shopping slipped in.

It is certainly the case for me. Each and every day, when I am at work, I take a lunch time walk to grab a hot drink or something to eat. Somedays, I'll haul whatever oversized biographical tome I'm reading to sit and read in the window at Pret a Manger. Other days, I'll bring out my knitting project and tuck myself away in a quiet corner or spend my entire lunch hour walking around and attempt to nourish my body with much needed exercise because mine is a desk job. 

This week, I decided to mix up my lunch time walks by taking my camera out with me. There were three reasons for this: 1) My knitted Christmas present projects are so far behind that I no longer want to knit at lunch time; b) I have been fairly stressed out and can't concentrate on my usual in-depth book selection and; c) I love the sights and sounds of Christmas.

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